Office 365


  • Do your employees work at customer sites and need access to documents? How can you keep team members up to date with changing schedules? How do you protect document security while increasing connectivity with vendors and contractors?
  • Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity service hosted by Microsoft.
  • It includes the latest version of the familiar Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook) that you can run on your PC or laptop, with business-class email and calendar, built-in virus and spam protection, the ability to share documents, and capabilities to show presence, do IM and audio/video conferencing.
  • These are all services powered by our enterprise-grade solutions, Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for document sharing and business processes, Lync Online for IM, presence and conferencing.
  • All these services are built to work together seamlessly so you can easily start an IM or schedule an online meeting in Outlook or any Office applications.
  • It works perfectly with the Office you know and use so your employees don’t have to learn a new tool or require additional training from you.
  • What’s unique with Office 365 too is that it is designed to help you work seamlessly online or offline:
  • [Unique for Lawyers] Say you are working on a proposal and want to get feedback from your partner or customer, you can start working on it on your own computer, share it securely [using SharePoint Online] with partners or customers for feedback so they can access the documents and work on it with you online instead of emailing different versions back and forth. If you go offline, say on a plane, you can still access the documents and work on it offline [using SharePoint Workspace], and it’ll automatically prompt you to upload as soon as you have connections again.
  • What’s also great with that scenario is that when you share a document using Office 365, you can access that [using Office Web Apps] from anywhere using any major browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). When you open or edit a file with the browser, you can be sure that it will not messed up the formatting you spent hours perfecting. Which is not the case with other collaboration tools.
  • Another thing unique to Office 365 is that these are all business-grade services designed to give you the reliability and security you expect.
  • We do not violate your privacy or confidentiality requirements by reading your emails for targeted advertising, unlike some other providers.